How to sell high-value content services to grow your agency

Making content an asset for an agency is challenging, but worth the investment. This book is the perfect place to start. Selling Content arms readers with arguments for taking content first, offers plenty of advice around processes, and shares know-how to help agencies convince their clients about the value of content

Liam King
Founder, Lagom Strategy

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What's Inside?

If you’re an agency owner or a stakeholder and decision maker within an agency, this book is for you.

The advice and examples in this book will help agencies adopt a content-first approach to website projects and to introduce content strategy as a billable service. If you’re already offering some level of content strategy and want to improve that service, this book is for you too.

From why putting content first is good for your business, how to sell this approach to clients, right through to what the return on investment will be, for you, your clients, and their customers.

Introducing a new service is challenging but there’s a strong business case for going content-first. As well as helping you see the opportunity, this book will help you to seize it.


  1. Introduction
  2. The content challenge
  3. How big a problem is content for your agency?
  4. It's time to go content-first
  5. Content strategy as a service
  6. A typical process
  7. Turn common content pains into positive outcomes
  8. We get it, but our clients don't
  9. Handling client objections
  10. Convince your client: meeting run-through
  11. Selling a content-first approach to your clients
  12. Calculating the cost of content production
  13. Example: how using real content can reveal insights
  14. Preparing your agency for going content-first
  15. Putting it into practice

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